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FIVE5 Kansas Custom Glove Brown

FIVE5 Kansas Custom Glove Brown

Custom is about loving things made just for you.


Custom culture is the idea of finding that special something made just for you. So, it was logical that FIVE would create a collection of gloves aimed at enthusiasts of custom, vintage and new-retro motorbikes, depending on what you prefer to call it. This is a range where you’ll find the glove that matches the style of the motorbike. Beautiful design, high-quality, authentic materials, mainly full-grain leather, chosen for its extreme flexibility and durability, all coupled with an excellent finish, are the hallmarks of the Custom Urban collection. As glove specialists, FIVE offers lots more than normal custom gloves: it has poured all its expertise in terms of fit, comfort and safety into this Custom Urban range.


• Total full-grain goatskin construction for suppleness (palm and topside), perforated for ventilation (topside)
• One-piece PU metacarpal-knuckle protective shell underneath the leather
• Outer stitching on the fingers for optimal fit
• Closure and adjustment system with zipper + Velcro tab and on-off pull tab
• Leather accordion comfort panels on fingers and thumb
• Accordion leather + Elastic cuff for greater comfort
• Hypothenar muscle protection with full-grain cowhide reinforcement panel and memory foam featuring embossed logo
• TouchScreen™ system on index finger for handling touchscreens

    GST Included
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